Monday, February 02, 2015

50 Day Transformation: Week 4 Wrap Up

More than halfway through - 21 days and counting!

Classes Attended: Pyramid Fat Blaster, New Year Revolution, Bonza Blitz, Tighten Up.

Andrea: Ain't no thing but a chicken wing (just don't eat it)!

Food: Another solid week food wise, minus some indulging (Didn't we all?) on Super Bowl Sunday. I tried to crunch away my disdain for Tom Brady AND the Seahawks for beating us last year. Just kidding. I've recently stopped calorie counting, as I'm in the habit of eating clean foods. It seems this has spread to family members, because my parents have started to eat healthier. My dad has been calling me asking about certain veggies, and he has given up soda. Both of them have also started to exercise more, It's contagious! Or they've finally given in to all my health babble. The jury is out.

Fitness: Happy to announce Gertie is shrinking, and I've lost 5 lbs. Finally! I've been working extra hard during my workouts, and have started to see and feel the difference. I think adding in weight training has helped me improve, as well as the trainers increasing my weights and eyeballing me to make sure I'm not slacking. Oh, how they love to make my muscles burn. However, the joke is on them because I'm thankful for it. So there. 

Feelings: Is it wrong I always think of the song "Feelings" whenever I type for this category? Anyway, I've feeling positive, strong, and confident. I'm continually feeling inspired and motivated by new and old friends, this makes me happy, and I want to spread the joy. I'm also looking for non-profits I can get involved with to keep active and give back. Will keep you posted on where I help out. 

Rebecca: Obstacles do not last and can be overcome.

Food: This was another good food week for me, although I fully admit to indulging yesterday during the Super Bowl. I found some really great recipes that will definitely become staples for us in the future. I am finding that I am enjoying the meal planning more and more, and it makes our crazy life a little less so. My goal this week is to not deviate from the plan at all, which may be challenging with a birthday celebration on Saturday night, but being aware and planning ahead will allow me to stay on track.

Fitness: I worked out really hard last week. Six days in a row: four 5 a.m. classes, the Saturday gauntlet, and a three-mile run yesterday. I felt sluggish in the early part of the week, but things got better as it went on. This week will be very similar, and my goal is to step up my intensity - stop telling myself I can't do things and just try.

Feelings: This week was a wonky one. I felt really off the first few days, sluggish, bloated, really tired, and I could feel a little bit of depression creeping back in. Turned out I was heavily affected by Mother Nature, and I'm feeling better now. I caught a glimmer of muscle definition in my arms, and my clothes are fitting a little differently. I'm in a strange state of mind where I don't feel like things have changed that much, so my challenge now - which I choose to accept - is to see what I can do in these last three weeks. 

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  1. You guys are awesome!!! Would love to know what recipes you found that were keepers =)

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