Thursday, January 29, 2015

In Your Shoes

I usually don’t get too personal with my posts, mainly because a joke always finds its way out first, but I thought I’d strip down without showing the private bits. See what I mean? Friends and family have been witness to my fitness journey, but for those newly acquainted you might not know how far I’ve come. To give you an idea I’ll back track to high school. After middle school my family moved to a new neighborhood where I didn’t know a soul, and therefore I stayed at home instead of playing outside. Though I made friends quickly once school started I continued to make pour eating choices and my weight continued to increase. It wasn’t until college where I lost weight due to walking everywhere and taking fitness classes. However, when I moved back to Denver from Ft. Collins, and got a desk job, the weight crept back on. I was overweight, and annoyed, but obliviously not enough to change. It wasn’t until six years ago when I not only started to be healthier, but make it a lifestyle. There was no ah-ha moment, or life turning event, evoking this change. I simply started to do.

It began signing up with 24hr fitness for three months, and during my time there I lost 15lbs. Feeling good, and wanting to keep the momentum going, I joined a workout group who had free boot camp workouts in the park. Suddenly, I was part of a community who encouraged and motivated me, I was hooked. I ended up becoming great friends with them while helping with their gym, which led to a lot of great connections and friendships. As I continued on my own fitness journey I created the blog Fitness Felines. I majored in journalism, therefore I love to write, but I also wanted to offer a platform giving support and inspiration to other ladies (and gents) in the same boat. I asked my fellow word junkie, and college bestie, Rebecca, to co-write for added perspective. It is my hope we motivate and encourage, thus far the response has been wonderful.

The fun, but tough, road to fitness. 
Overall, I have lost a total of about 45-50 pounds, and counting. It hasn’t been easy, didn’t happen overnight, and included dedication, motivation, and little bit of attitude. I had to be realistic with goals, not beat myself up for failures, and view eating a sweet not as life or death. I thrive on balance, and it is what has held the forward direction of this health train. If you would have told me a few years ago I would run half marathons, and participate in triathlons, I would have laughed. For those chuckling at the same thought, and starting (or restarting) to exercise, I want you to know I’ve been there. I’ve been the girl in the back of the workout class hoping to go unnoticed. I’ve been nervous to walk into a gym feeling intimidated. I know the burning of lungs and legs having not yet reached a mile. I’m familiar with the disappointment of bad eating. I’ve felt the frustration of seeing the numbers on the scale not move, or raise. However, I’m here to tell you, YOU are an asset. When you realize your worth you’ll start investing in yourself, and this is where change happens. Treat yourself like a garbage bin, and all you’ll consume is trash. I won’t sugar coat this, it WILL be hard, and lifelong, but it WILL be worth it, because you are. Ask yourself if you are where you want to be, if the answer is no find ways to make it a yes. I could throw clichés at you all day long, but the reality is you are in control of your actions, always. Decide what you want, and then DO. Afterward, send us your success story.