Monday, January 26, 2015

50 Day Transformation: Week 3 Wrap Up

Almost half way, time flies when you're working hard! 

Classes Attended: Pyramid Fat Blaster, New Year Revolution, Bonza Blitz, Tighten Up, Strong and Functional - Lower Body.

Andrea: Work it, make it, do it better, harder, faster, stronger.

Food: After reviewing my eating habits the past few weeks, I found there was room for improvement. So I cleaned out my fridge and filled it with more greens and other fresh food. My goal for this week is to not eat anything which comes out of a box. 

Fitness: I took three early morning classes, a lunch run, and a hot yoga class. I took two days off as my body requested it. At first I was annoyed at myself (after oversleeping and missing my Sat class) but realized I needed the rest. Rest is just as important as exercise. I also need to incorporate more strength training in my routine, therefore that is my goal this week. Also, increasing my weights in class and really pushing myself. 

Feelings: Overall, I feel my stamina is coming back and muscles getting stronger. However, I have to work harder the closer I get to my goal. This can be frustrating when you already feel you're giving your all, but I can't underestimate myself. I'm looking forward to seeing what I'm made of.

Rebecca: Making progress and seeing results.

Food: I worked hard to stay in the same form as the second week. Meal planning has been key in my success. The one time I ate off my meal plan was the only time I deviated, so I know having a plan is paramount. I am going out this Friday (a long overdue date night!) and with the Super Bowl on Sunday, there is a lot of opportunity for me to make poor choices this weekend. So I have already looked at the menu for the restaurant and decided which items work within my eating plan and how I can modify them, and I am making healthy appetizers to enjoy during the big game. I need to trust myself to not dive into the appealing foods that won't help me reach my goals. Want the results more than you want the cake.

Fitness: I made it to the gym five times last week - so many early mornings - but I am glad I did it. Volleyball and running filled in the other two days. I had a BIG win this week as I hit my first short term goal: I'm down 10 lbs! However, I have decided to adjust my goals based on how my body seems to be responding. Instead of another 10 lbs by Day 30, I'm shooting for 5-8.  I think it's more attainable as my body continues to change. The 50 day goal is then adjusted to 23-28 pounds. If I exceed that, great, but I will still be in good shape to continue toward my ultimate weight loss goal of 50 lbs from where I was when I started.

Feelings: This was a great week for me. My energy level was high, I am waking up feeling rested, and I am noticing my increase in strength more in my day-to-day than I am in the gym. I can lift my sons easier, I can sprint up the stairs without getting winded, I can carry 5-6 bags of groceries without wanting to drop them all. All these little things add up to the true goal - healthy, happy living. I am proud I was able to do 10 push-ups in a row without stopping or having to be on my knees, but man, it sure felt good to hold my kids for longer than 10 seconds just because I can.

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