Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mid-Week Mantra: Set a Goal

Goal setting is important, as it is a fundamental element to long-term success. When we don't have anything to aim at, it can throw off our sense of direction. Every now and then I like to reevaluate where I'm headed, whether it be in my career, health, or relationships. It reminds me to ask the question, am I on the right path to get to where I want to be? If not, I look at my goal, has it changed? Do I need a new goal? I always feel better after, knowing I'm back on track. Plus it gives me an excuse to buy a pretty notebook.

Below are a few tips I've found helpful  in goal setting:

1. Be specific.
    Want to lose weight? Great! How much? By When?

2. Be realistic. 
     You want to lose 10lbs in three days?! Yeah, probably not a good idea.

3. Think short-term and long-term.
     Ideally, long-term should be at the forefront with mini short-term goals to help you get there.

4. Write it down. 
     Make the commitment by writing it down and posting it somewhere visible. I've also found sharing your goals with family and friends helps keep you accountable. I had a trainer who once had me write a letter to myself explaining why I wanted to reach my goal. I then sealed it in an envelope and gave it to him. He would only hand it over to me if I decided to quit. I never did see the letter again.

5. Be flexible.
    Life happens and gives you roadblocks. It doesn't mean you can't meet your goal, it just means it might take you a little longer to reach it. Don't give up.

Here's to celebrating reaching new goals!



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