Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mid-Week Mantra: Letting Go

Letting's described as something that should be so easily done. As though we can turn our complex - and very real - emotions off and on, when in actuality, it is a constant work in progress. But if you can truly succeed at it, letting go can release those things (or people) that weigh you down.

This is a difficult process and often hard to begin. As with so many other things, it's best to start small. Go through your day and make a note of the times when something affects you in a negative way. Eat something not so healthy? Plan a workout and didn't make it? Find yourself feeling worse after spending time with someone? Take a breath (or five), and let it go. Holding onto the feelings of frustration, guilt, or hurt can't benefit you. Tomorrow is a new day.

Inspire. Motivate. Move.

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