Friday, January 10, 2014

GUEST POST: Choosing Life, Adam Guinn

We are all athletes.  I had heard this before, when I was an actual athlete, when I was part of organized sporting events that required practice and…conditioning.  And now I was hearing it again, this time screamed by my trainer to be audible over the deep bass thump of the motivating music at the gym.  It had been years since I believed that statement was directed at me, but things change over time, and I was currently feeling included in a group connected to those words.  While the days of being on a competitive team are a thing of my past, being physically fit and athletic has only proved to serve me well in daily life.  This is a truth not lost on me as it was not my original goal when my life change started; in fact, I’m honestly not sure I had any true fitness goals in the beginning.

“What are you here for?  Remember why you’re doing this!”  These powerful words bellowed in a one room gym bounced through my mind as I attempted to finish another 20 seconds of mountain climbers.  Like a medicine ball returning your way during a wall ball sit-up, the need to define my fitness goals was once again squarely in my lap.  Why was I here and why was I doing this?  Although being urged to remember my purpose was certainly encouraging while my legs were burning and my mind begged to quit, the answer to the query still eluded me.  I did know a few things however.  I knew that I was there to change my party lifestyle ways, to attempt to reverse some of the self-inflicted damage, and to stop taking my body for granted and have respect for the one vessel I’ll ever have.

As it turns out, those simple ideas were not only enough to get me started, but have proven to be more than sufficient to keep me striving to improve daily.  It is true we only get one shot at this life and only one body to get us through for as long as we are lucky enough to exist.  I spent far too long conveniently forgetting/ignoring that reality.  And while ignorance is surely bliss, in this situation, it leads to an early grave with a rough trail getting there.  So, what am I here for?  Why am I doing this?  It’s rather simple when you look at it clearly.  I’m here because I choose life.  The trail I trek is no longer lined by self-neglect.  That has been replaced with self-worth.  The path I stride comes equipped with burpees, split hops, sweat, pain, and the only gold medal this athlete of life will ever need: the knowledge that each day I get will be lived by the best me.

Inspire. Motivate. Move.

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