Sunday, November 24, 2013

Beat the Eats: Week Three

Welcome to Week Three!  Here are the deets for this week...

Inspire: The challenge this week is to indulge, but not overdo. Thanksgiving is about spending time with family and enjoying good food. However, it's also easy to overeat. Partake in the abundance of delicacies but keep in mind your portions. 

Tip of the Week: Portion Control! We know this is hard, especially during the holiday season. You're probably not going to want sort your plate by any rule other than how much you like the dish. However, if you have an idea of serving sizes, it can save you some extra unneeded calories. Click here: it is a good starting point to knowing how much you should have during meals.

Feline Foodie Favorites: Healthy Seasonal Recipes has great (healthy!) Thanksgiving ideas abound on this website.  If you are hosting the big meal or just bringing a side or dessert, Katie has something for you that is delectable and calorie conscious.  

Feline Feedback

Andrea: I love food and during Thanksgiving, it's easy for me to get carried away and eat more than I should. This year I plan to attend a Thanksgiving day workout to get the blood flowing and my body ready for the feast. During the afternoon, I will snack, but will try to stick to the veggies so I am satisfied until dinner. I'm going to enjoy myself without guilt but keep an eye on my number of helpings. 

Rebecca: Wooo, boy...two words.  Mashed potatoes.  My biggest challenge this week will be not overdoing it on the appetizers and then attempting to still be hungry for when dinner is actually served.  My awesome family is incorporating lots of vegan-friendly options this year, so I am excited to try everything.  I just need to make sure I have a little bit of it all and not go Cookie Monster on just one thing.

Good luck to you, Fitness Friends!  Let us know your progress on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. #beattheeats #fitfelines

Inspire. Motivate. Move.

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