Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TOUR de FIT! Stop #2: Explore Fitness

Who: Explore Fitness
What: Group Workouts 
Where: 1125 17 St, Denver, 80202
When: Monday-Saturday.  Visit website for complete schedule.
Why: Founders Nathan Lawrence and Carl Van Loan
 “Our motto is, ‘Work out here, play out there.’  We train to go enjoy the world.” 
Intensity Level: All fitness levels will be challenged, whether you're the seasoned exerciser or newbie, the workouts can be tailored to meet your needs. How hard you work depends on you.
Other info: Website here. Phone: (720) 366-3989 Contact for two free personal consultations and anyone can try a week for free. 

Nathan grew up an athlete, but after suffering an injury got sucked into the college lifestyle and weighed 245lbs by 22-years-old.  He decided to make a change at the urging of a friend and while living in Seattle worked at a gym where he grew a passion for fitness. He then moved back to Denver, which he describes as "the best place on earth to get outside". His personal transformation helped him realize the importance of choosing a healthier lifestyle.

Carl is an Olympic athlete who believes in a scientific approach to fitness to ensure everything is biomechanically correct. He wants to provide his members with what big business gyms don’t offer, a high quality product. It says it all in their name, they are about building a community of adventure and exploring, as exercise should be a pleasurable experience. 
What separates them from other facilities? They have a nutritionist you can consult with as well as a massage therapist.  Also, lots of outdoor excursions are arranged as a group. 14er anyone??
Andrea: Cross Cut was cardio intense with rowers, BOSU ball hops and dead running on the treadmill. It definitely kept my heart rate up and challenged me, which is sometimes hard to do as I'm a frequent exerciser. By the end I was breathless but felt great! I also tried out Explore Power, which is more strength training based. I learned new barbell techniques and was able to work on perfecting my form. You can expect high energy workouts with trainers cognizant of their craft, encouraging, helpful, and maybe a joke or two.

Rebecca: What I loved most about this workout was two-fold:  The scientific approach of the workout, and having it being explained to you in layman’s terms, was fascinating.  Knowing what I was doing and how it was benefiting my body turned on something in my brain I hadn’t accessed before.  Second, the workout was only 30 minutes, and for my kind of schedule, getting a maximum workout in a small amount of time is ideal.  I will be heading back to hang out with Nate and Carl again very soon!

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