Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Running Diary: The First Step

There it is in my inbox, the confirmation I am signed up for the Denver Rock N' Roll Half Marathon. No turning back now. This will be my first and like most virgin experiences it will probably be awkward, nerve wracking and a touch embarrassing, as I am not what you'd call a "runner". My body is much better at sprinting than distance and it's most likely because my attention span is so short. I get bored easily and after three miles my mind needs more stimulation than my music offers. So why even bother signing up? For the challenge, of course.I want to prove to myself, and my body, I can do it. Plus, it's a nice change of pace from my everyday routine. Running is very mental and takes focus, and those are things I struggle with and hope to master. I tend to give in to my thoughts, which in turn effects my speed and overall performance. I don't like being left in the dust and when running with friends I get frustrated when they lap me and go out of view. To be honest it makes me want to quit and I start to walk even if I am capable of continuing on. Then I become even more disappointed and question why I even run in the first place. See what I mean?

My hopes with training for this marathon is to build confidence as a runner. I know I will finish, I could maybe even run it now but I want to cross the finish line feeling like a runner and not just pretending I'm one. To me it means not walking (if I can help it), being prepared, and actually enjoying myself. I want to experience the runner's high instead of the jogger's dread. Right now I'm working on finding inspiration to begin my runs. First was watching a movie my younger brother, and fellow half marathon newbie, recommended to me called "The Spirit of the Marathon". It follows a group of people training for the Chicago Marathon, and though I am only running a half, I found it to be motivating. Yet, somehow it still didn't jolt me in to wanting to wake up at 5 a.m. to run 3-4 miles. Baby steps. Now I'm reading every training article, book, magazine, Hal Higdon program, etc,  I can get my hands on.  Although, prepping will only last so long before I actually need to get going. I mean really get going. I ran a few times last week and the heat made it impossible for me to be happy about the 13.1 mile journey I decided to take on. I figured creating this running diary (oh there you are, pun) would help not only keep me accountable but also serve as an outlet for my progress. Lace up, here we go. 

Inspire. Motivate. Move.


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