Friday, May 10, 2013

TOUR de FIT! Stop #1: Fitness in the City


Who: Fitness in the City
What: Total Body Group Workouts
Where: 1212 Delaware St, Denver, 80204
When: 7 days a week.  See website for complete schedule.
Why: Owner Alex Chapman strives for an energetic, community-based fitness experience
Intensity Level: These are not easy by any means, but every exercise can be modified based on your personal fitness level. And while you are encouraged to go at your own pace, you are also pushed to succeed.  BEGINNERS WELCOME!
Other info: Website here. Phone: (720) 459-8609

***OK, full disclosure here.  We both have been working out with Alex and his crew for about two years (Rebecca off and on; Andrea consistently).  And thankfully, because we're all besties, he willingly let Fitness in the City be our guinea pig getting our feet wet for this Tour de Fit.  So while we have major love for these guys, we are putting our journalism degrees to good use and will remain objective in what we have to say about what they have to offer.***

After being in the industry for eight years, working in various capacities at 24 hr Fitness, Alexander Chapman wanted to do more to create a fitness environment for his immediate friends and family.  He started small with free weekly outdoor workouts at Washington Park under the name Fluent Fitness and began work on larger scale fitness events.   You may be familiar with the annual (and FREE) event, Fitness on the Rocks.  Now going into its third year, this event drew over 7,000 people to the inimitable Red Rocks Amphitheater last summer and is expected to hit 10,000 on Saturday, July 20, 2013.  Chapman is also behind the OMG Fitness Concert, a glow-in-the-dark fitness experience unlike any other.  You can check that out this fall, on Sunday, September 29, 2013.

Having great success with the fitness events and meeting such incredible people, Chapman wanted to continue to see and workout with them on a day-to-day basis.  So the seeds of Fitness in the City were planted.  There are a variety of formats from total body workouts and Zumba to core work and MMA conditioning.  As for Chapman's favorite part about what he does?  "The community you get to see every day.  This is really changing people's lives - I've seen it - and that is most rewarding."

Rebecca: The Daily Grind put us through all the paces.  Lifting, stretching, pulling, pushing, name it, it was on the list.  With a banging soundtrack and a crew of committed members, the name of the game is personal best.  Push yourself as hard as you can, maybe a little harder than you thought you could, but trust your body.  According to my Fitbit (see my review here), I burned about 600 calories over the course of the hour, which to me, is an excellent use of my time.  

Andrea: I like that The Daily Grind workout allows me to continue to push myself. All levels are in the class and you can make it custom to you by lifting a heavier weight or increasing your reps. I love the music, it always helps to have a good beat to workout with, especially when you're doing mountain climbers. You'll be encouraged by a great team and can count on plenty of high-fives and inspiration to work hard. You'll break a sweat but have a blast doing it!

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