Thursday, May 02, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT: TOUR de FIT! Best of the Mountain Side

We know how hard it is to find time to work out, let alone finding that one thing you love.  The thing that gets you out of the house/office, off the couch and moving!  Everyone is different and not everyone is going to enjoy the same thing.  So how do you choose among the seemingly endless choices?  You get recommendations from people you know.  That's where we come in.  Meow.

Introducing TOUR de FIT.  We will be going to several fitness facilities around the Denver Metro area trying out their wares.  We'll interview the folks running the show to get to the why they do what they do.  We'll rate the difficulty of the workout, the areas it targets, and based on our individual fitness levels (which are quite different!), we'll report back to you what we liked, loved, and what worked us the hardest.  We'll also be talking with centers to wax poetic about supplements and nutrition, the latest fads, what works and what's a hoax.  And maybe, just maybe, there may be some prizes for our readers along the way - even you out-of-towners. :)

We have lined up some of the hottest fitness trends to use us as their guinea pigs and convince us they have exactly what we're looking for.  Some of them are nation-wide so even if you aren't in Colorado, you can still find a location near you.  We've listed the places we know we'll be hitting up, but if you have suggestions for places you've seen when driving around, let us know and we'll see if we can add it to the list.  We're here for you!

Our first stop this weekend will be Fitness in the City from the people who bring you the annual Fitness on the Rocks!  Expect to see a post late next week with our breakdown.

Inspire. Motivate. Move. ~ A & R


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    1. Hi Melanie!

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  2. I have read your post with very concentration and I am agree with you on this sentence " Everyone is different and not everyone is going to enjoy the same thing "