Friday, March 06, 2015

Motivation Station

Let’s face it, it’s hard to get motivated, sometimes we’d rather hit snooze instead of the gym. Fear not, we have some tips to get (and keep) you going.

  •   Set a goal. 
No goal? Now is the time to make one. Sign up for your first race, or challenge a friend to see who can walk the most steps in a week. Whatever you decide, it’ll keep you striving until you meet it.
  • Adjust your ‘tude. 
If you continually view working out as a chore that’s exactly what it’ll always feel like, so try changing your perspective. Associate it with positives, such as it being a life lengthener, stress reducer, and fat burner.
  •  Change your tunes.
Music can be a huge up lifter, and I’ve found creating a new playlist, or asking a *friend to make one, is an instant spark to get me going.
*This friend has made you one, check it out below!

  • Buddy up.
Enlisting a friend to be a workout buddy, or making a pal in a class, is a win-win. It helps keep you accountable and inspired.

  •  Switch up your routine.
Boredom plays a huge factor in motivation, and perhaps all you need is a change of pace or scenery. Try a new class, run a new route, or add on to your current routine. Variety is the spice of life, and your body will appreciate it.
  •  Make it part of your daily schedule.
By treating a workout as an appointment, you’re less likely to skip it. Make it a scheduled part of your day to keep consistent.

  • Treat Yo Self.
Buy yourself a new pair of workout pants, and I guarantee you will want to exercise immediately. Or buy yourself a gym membership, a new water bottle, yoga mat, or fitness DVD. Invest in yourself.

What are you waiting for, get going!

Happy Sweating!



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