Monday, March 02, 2015

FINAL DAY: 50 Day Total Body Transformation

It's finally here...Day 50. It flew by, as time tends to do, and here we are on the other side. We are infinitely grateful to Jamie Atlas and the trainers at Bonza Bodies for giving us this opportunity, and to our fellow challengers and workout buddies for inspiring, motivating, and moving us every single day. We've made new friends, grown our fitness community, and found that spark that had fizzled there for awhile. Let's wrap this up, one last time.

Classes Attended: Pyramid Fat Blaster, New Year Revolution, Tighten Up, Bonza Blitz.

Andrea: The journey is continual.

For me, I discovered this challenge was less about weight loss, and more about restarting the fire of being active. Though I did lose 3-4 lbs, get stronger, and have more energy, I found the momentum once again to keep it up. The difference for me won't be as visible, and for someone participating in a body challenge this can be a hard concept to understand. But I've gained things you cannot measure, such as new friendships, regained inspiration, and new workout pants. {Insert chuckle here} 

I think the challenge had great strengths (pun intended), but, as with everything, there's always room for improvement. First, what I loved was the group's community, encouragement, trainers, staff, and facility. Alternatively, the nutrition guide could have used more clarification, maybe offer a seminar before the start of the challenge. Measurements in conjunction with the scale numbers would have been a nice addition. Also, more strength training focused classes were desired though definitely not lacking from some circuits. I've expressed all of this to the owner, Jamie Atlas, who valued my input. I think it's imperative to listen to members, and they do so wholeheartedly at Bonza Bodies.

Since my goals have progressed, perhaps a strength focused challenge would be more suitable for me. The future holds another half-marathon, and maybe even a Olympic distance triathlon, so I know I'l remain active to bring 100 percent to these events. I've loved watching all the challengers, especially my Felines counterpart, Rebecca, gain more than they've lost while on this 50 Day Transformation. It has been a joy to celebrate with them. This journey is continual, and I look forward to cheering each other on. 

Rebecca: The results are in...

So I went back to our first post when we began this challenge, and thought I would compare my goals to what actually happened. 

Goal: To lose 30-35 lbs (adjusted to 22-25 lbs halfway through the challenge).
Result: Truth time: I didn't hit either my original goal or my adjusted goal, but I'm not disappointed. I have lost 14 lbs, which is great and roughly two pounds a week.  And my body fat percentage went down 6%. 6%!! I'm psyched. (You can see more of my hard number results here if you are so inclined.)
Goal: To see my abs and biceps again.
Result: My abs are still hiding, but I can see a faint outline of the upper ones. My biceps have begun to emerge, and while I still have a ways to go to fully reveal them, it's nice to see them again.
Goal: No more back rolls and to feel like I don't need Spanx.
Result: The back rolls are definitely on the decline and while I might have a couple of dresses for which I would pull out the Spanx, I don't feel like I need them in day-to-day wear. Progress!
Goal: Take it one day at a time and Just Do the Next Right Thing.
Result: Nailed it. This is what kept me from quitting. This is what got me out of bed at 3:30 in the morning. This is how I succeeded.

I am feeling proud and strong, happy and healthy, which are so important to me during this tumultuous time in my personal life. A special shout out to my amazing, supportive husband without whom I would not have been able to make this commitment. The journey doesn't end here, however. This is just the beginning. And I can't wait to see where I go next. I hope you come along for the ride.

THANK YOU for your continued support of Fitness Felines. There are lots of exciting things in the works for the rest of 2015, and we can't wait to share them with you in the coming weeks. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with what is going on. Meow!

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