Monday, February 09, 2015

50 Day Transformation: Week 5 Wrap Up

Two weeks to go! Time to buckle down and focus...

Classes Attended: Pyramid Fat Blaster, New Year Revolution, Bonza Blitz, Tighten Up.

Andrea: I've got the power! -Snap

Food: In this department, everything is gravy, and no, I don't mean literally. I think I have found a good balance. I try to really not think too much about it, you should consume food, not let it consume you. 

Fitness:  See my awesome early 90's song reference above, it's how everyone should feel when they are working out. This past week I know I did. I felt capable, strong, and had tons of energy. I credit a lot to my awesome 6 a.m. classmates, and the trainers who kick my butt before the sun rises. 

Feelings: What gets me out of bed are the endless possibilities a new day brings. It is my canvas, and I can decide to be an active artist, or lazy contributor. These past few weeks have felt like I got a new color palette, and the big picture is starting to look great. 

Rebecca: Because you can't, you won't, and you don't stop. - Beastie Boys

Food: I felt so strong in my food choices this week. It's getting easier to make the next right decision without thinking too hard about it. There is very little of that feeling of wanting that usually arises when I just smell something sweet and carb-y. I can take a beat, think about what that food will do to my system, and move along. 

Fitness: I faltered at the beginning of the week as a cold felt like it was coming on, but when I finally got back to the gym, it was Go Time. I am able to push harder, faster, heavier every time. My gym buddies keep me motivated and wanting to show up. So a thank you shout out to Sam, Jill, and Christine!

Feelings: While I started out the week feeling a little blue, things picked up on Wednesday and I feel great. My mom's health is continuing to deteriorate, which means sadness is just below the surface, but I'm able to separate it from the pride and joy in my personal accomplishments. All I can do is enjoy my time with her, take care of myself and my family, and try my best. If you feel moved to donate to the fund for my mom's nursing facility, we would be honored and so grateful. Just a $5 donation makes a huge difference.

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Inspire. Motivate. Move.

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