Monday, January 19, 2015

50 Day Transformation: Week 2 Wrap Up

Week 2 is already over? How did that happen...

Classes attended: New Year Revolution, Pyramid Fat Blaster, Bonza Blast, Strong and Functional - Lower Body, Tighten Up

Andrea: Patience is a virtue. 

Food:  Here's the thing, I despise the word "can't" and it's often used to describe foods we want to restrict ourselves from, but it's not true. You can eat anything you'd like, but do you need it? That's the better question. So I try to apply this rule, however, it doesn't mean I eat perfect. There are times when I will eat a piece of chocolate, or other indulgent, and it's not the end of world. I realize for this challenge though, it's best to keep from those moments. If I had to give myself a grade for this week it would be an A-. 

Fitness: I worked it this week and really pushed myself. I took two spin classes, two 6 a.m. classes, a circuit training and yoga class, and an hour and fifteen minute Saturday sweat fest. My body hasn't been this sore for a long time. I could barely lift my arms above my head and it made me so happy. My body is starting to remember all it used to do and I'm feeling stronger everyday. 

Feelings: Why don't I have abs yet? Why does the scale barely move? Why don't I have the butt of Shakira? Patience, grasshopper. It's only been two weeks yet I'm expecting results of much longer. I have to keep telling myself progress isn't about speed, but for someone who is impatient nothing is more frustrating. Instead of throwing in the towel I smack myself in the face with it and carry on. At weigh in this morning the numbers were in my favor so I know I'm on the right track. For this week I'm going to untangle myself from the numbers and keep striving. 

Rebecca: Hurdling obstacles that have been in my way in the past.

Food: I give myself a 10 out of 10 on eating this week! <self-five> I broke down every little thing, stayed within my calories, and did not cheat once.  Even when yesterday, a certain husband (who shall remain nameless) baked chocolate chip cookies, which might be my favorite thing in all the land. I had a little bit of stress going on later in the evening worrying whether I was going to get enough sleep and I kept glancing at that cookie jar. "You could just have one will'll taste soooo don't even have to tell - just say you were 100% on food anyway..."  Man, that voice works so hard. But I am incredibly pleased to report I did not give in. I removed myself from the situation and drank about a gallon of water.  It was a victory all around. My goal this week is to do it again, but also note whether I need to increase my calorie intake based on my increase in workouts.

Fitness: I went to three 5 a.m. classes last week, played volleyball one night, went to yoga another night, and ran two miles yesterday morning.  I feel like I kept up my side of the deal (to myself) to just show up and do my best. I still am having to push myself hard to not quit certain exercises - it really depends on which muscles I'm working, but I stuck with quality over quantity. I am starting to feel stronger, and I'm not shying away from adding weight. I was able to do a weigh in today at the gym and the numbers are all moving in the right direction; it is very encouraging. It feels good to see results, however, I am thinking I may need to adjust my overall weight loss goals for this challenge. I'm going to see what happens this week and will re-evaluate then. My goal this week is to continue to improve on pushing through hard until the end and keeping good form. 

Feelings: Saturday I wanted to quit. This is a cyclical thing for me. I work really hard for two weeks, and then I'm done. My older son got really sick Friday night, so I was unable to make the Saturday class I had planned on, and then when it came time to get up to meet my friend for a run yesterday, I wanted to bail. But it dawned on me that it was the two-week point, and the only one who can break the cycle is me. So I showed up. I laughed a little as we prepared to start the two miles - the last run I logged was nine miles, so this should be cake, right?  OMG, it was so hard! I thought I was going to faint at one point, but Angela stayed with me and I finished strong. My goal this week is to concentrate on letting go of anything that has held me back in the past.

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