Monday, January 12, 2015

50 Day Transformation: Week 1 Wrap Up

We made it! We're going to break these wrap ups into three parts: food, fitness, and feelings. Each will have a recap of the last week, and then mini goals for the upcoming week. We'll also go over stats at the halfway point with pictures to see how our bodies are changing.

Classes attended: New Year Revolution, Pyramid Fat Blaster, Bonza Blast

Andrea: One word to describe week one, willpower. I have been tested.

Food: I love food, like a lot, so I'm proud to say that 80% of the week was on point, but I'll be damned if the weekend doesn't always tempt my good habits (This time in the form of delicious naan.) This is where my willpower is lacking, but at least it's only by a small percentage, amiright?? My goal this week is to better plan ahead to be able to stay on track, I'd hate to have the percentage increase. I think I can handle it.

Fitness: I got 99 problems but fitness ain't one. I did three works outs at Bonza, which included 5 and 6 am classes. If you know me, this is a big deal. I'm not a morning person, my tail ain't bushy until 9. Pretty sure I wasn't awake until mid workout, but I found these early call times to be rewarding. I didn't hit my usual 3 o'clock slump, and had the afternoon to run errands. I managed to sneak in a workout of my own at my office gym but took two days off. My body was thankful for the rest. However, this week I plan to only have one off day and am incorporating yoga for some added stretching and flexibility. 

Feelings: My muscles haven't felt this sore in some time and I'm happy about it. Overall, I feel good. I'm trying to continually push my body with each workout and give 100%. 

Rebecca: Hello, muscles I haven't used in...let's be honest, years. 

Food: We're supposed to rate ourselves on how well we followed the plan on a scale of 1-10.  This week I would give myself a 7.  Because we didn't get the meal plan until late Monday night, I had already shopped for the week and planned for meals I had hoped would fall somewhere in the range.  I got pretty close, but a couple of them had wheat and dairy which are the two main food groups we have to cut for this 50 days. I did stay within my calorie goals, though, so that is a win. My goal for this week is to be 100% on eating.

Fitness: I attended three classes at the gym last week, two 5 a.m.-ers during the week, and a 75 minute gauntlet on Saturday. I haven't really worked out since October when I hurt my ankle, and even then, I was pretty much only running. These workouts are full body, and my muscle weakness made itself known immediately. I found I couldn't keep up with some of the counts, but I chose quality over quantity and tried to focus on form. By the end of the week, I was already feeling a little stronger. I didn't get to work out on other days as I had hoped (although, I did get a solid hour of walking while grocery shopping Saturday), so this week, my goal is to get those three extra workouts in, most likely swimming and running, and Andrea and I are going to hit a yoga class this week, too, to get in some good stretching. 

Feelings: I am tired. I am sore. But my brain is awake. My thoughts are clear. My sleep is sound. I'm hitting the sack early (8 p.m.!) and up by 3:45 a.m. with little to no complaint. I am listening to my body, really discerning between soreness/fatigue and pain. There is a difference, and pushing through that fatigue and finishing an exercise to get the max benefits is something I have always said was "pain" and used as an excuse to stop. My goal this week is to break through that wall and stop getting in my own way. Finish strong.

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