Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mid-Week Mantra: Stop Self Bullying

Negativity is a lot of weight to carry.
Ever say to yourself I'm too fat, too short, I don't look good today, I wish I had longer hair, a different nose, bigger boobs, longer legs, straighter hair, and where did THOSE veins come from?! I'm guilty of such thoughts. This also extends further than appearance. Harsh self talk can lead to doubting our talent, abilities, and worth.We all have bad days when we don't feel quite so great, and it's during these times the beast shows itself. Cloaked in negativity, it's your inner voice ready to focus only on flaws, make you doubt a decision, or prevent you from trying something new. It feeds off insecurity and grows larger every time you let it speak. It's by far your worst critic and meanest foe. The good thing? You have control over it. You can command it to shut up and leave you alone.When you hear the rumble of its growl you can smack it in the face, and say, "Not today." When we stop letting the mind bully the body we give ourselves the ability to shine. We can be so mean to our self, we forget we harness the power to change our thoughts and adjust how we view the reflection in the mirror. Try to be kinder to yourself and watch the beast begin to disappear.

Shine on.


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