Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Clean Slate

You don't need a new year to start over.
I’m a lover of many things, clothes, men’s cologne, cute dogs, Sundays, The Fat Jewish (You must follow him on Instagram), and most importantly, FOOD. It’s in all caps because it’s essential, yet we treat it like a lousy boyfriend, we crave the bad, which makes the good stuff unappealing. The holiday season is the WORST time to try and not want the rebels of the food groups. The bad boys like cookies, cakes, pies, creamy mashed potatoes, and all things buttery, are hard to give up for their healthier alternatives. I mean, let’s be honest here, a cookie without sugar is blasphemy. If I’m going to have a cheat day I’m not going to half-ass it, I’m going all in. Of course, it should be limited, but it’s hard to keep count of how many treats we put in our mouths as we party in our ugly Christmas sweaters. Then we wake up wondering how we gained weight in what seems to be an overnight process when really it’s been happening since Halloween. It’s a slippery slope after candy, my friends.  Unfortunately, Santa can’t gift me minus ten pounds. Maybe it should it be a prayer instead.

There’s only about a week left until the rest of world hops on the same weight loss train, but I want a head start. Today, I decided to begin with a clean slate and shake off my diet like an Etch A Sketch. I’ve forgiven myself for all of the delicious not-good-for-you delights I’ve enjoyed the past few weeks. I will not dwell on their contribution to my waistline, as it’s a little too late anyway.  Moving forward I’m ready to reintroduce my palate to vibrant veggies, which will be a nice change from the sodium and sweetness overkill. Before you know it, I’ll be boring people with all of the healthy recipes I’m trying since I invested in a new cookbook, because I actually don’t own one. I made my choice based on the pictures and whether a monkey could follow it. I can’t wait to try it, or I may just use it for decoration, the jury is still out. The great thing is you never need a new year to be the marker to start over. It can be as simple as the next day or hour.  When will yours be? No really, let me know.

Happy Cleaning!


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