Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Midweek Mantra: Practice Patience

When I want something badly, I have hard time waiting for it. Especially when my mind, or heart, is set on it. Sometimes waiting longer than the present moment seems like an eternity. While most of the time it's regarding insignificant material things (like a new MAC lipstick) sometimes my impatience trickles down and effects other areas of my life. I want a new job NOW, I want to lose five more pounds NOW. Not very constructive thinking. The only thing I can change in the present moment is my attitude while I wait for my goals to unfold. When something we want, really want, does't happen as fast we would like, it's easy to become frustrated and throw in the towel. However, if we remind ourselves to combine perseverance with perspective we will in no time be celebrating accomplishments in the now. So next time you find yourself waiting, take a deep breath and know good things are worth working (and waiting) for and practice a little patience.

Here's to happily waiting,


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