Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Don't Eat That and Lift This

So many, so little time.
While perusing the book store I checked out the health and fitness section where I was met with a lot of confusing suggestions. Don’t eat bread, but eat a lot of meat, wait, on second thought become vegan and get a pet pig, better yet eat only what comes from your own garden.  You can eat anything, of course, only if it is for your blood type, without sugar, and tastes of air. Sounds delicious! No matter what you put in your mouth there are hundreds of exercise books and DVDs to show you how to burn it off. Little equipment is needed, all it takes is your own home gym to accomplish the body of your dreams (faux boobs not included). Take it from celebrity trainers as they guide you through their famous client’s workout (genetics not included).  Just look at them, they are proof it works! Soon you will have the abs of Jennifer Aniston and the butt of Shakira. Miracles CAN happen!  

Sigh. It’s a lot of hype and little of anything else. I’m guilty, though, of wanting to check out the latest exercise fad or diet “revolution”, mainly for a laugh or out of pure curiosity.  What I have found is they mainly all say the same thing but in different creative languages; don’t eat crap and get off your ass every once in a while. Can I make that a book title?? It’s simple but they keep repackaging it with a famous face or name. The books I do think are helpful are the ones explaining the mechanics of the body, more medical than miracle, and without a gimmick to sell. I encourage everyone to do their own research to find what works for them, as what benefited your relative or friend (or a celebrity) may not be the same for you. Also, try your best and not ride on the trend train, as after the steam runs out it almost always derails, and you’ll be back where you started. Not all of them are bad, but like a yard sale you have to weed through the junk to find the gems. The health industry will continue to flood the market with quick and easy schemes (I’m looking at you, Shake Weight), but if nothing else at least they are amusing.  Don’t forget most only have their best interest at heart and not yours, that’s something to chew on.


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