Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hitting the Reset Button

I was recently venting to my sister about how my body doesn't feel good. I'm sluggish, bloated, plateauing in my fitness, and not losing weight. First thought was my diet, but it doesn't consist of any junk food and I exercise regularly. Not being able to pinpoint an immediate cause is frustrating. Her body complaints were similar to mine and she recommended a book she stumbled upon called, "It Starts With Food". We both knew our diets needed to be looked at closer, and this book was the first step.

The minute I picked up the book I couldn't put it down. Even though it's nothing I haven't heard before, it simplifies the process of elimination for you. It includes a program called "The Whole30", in part for thirty days you eliminate dairy, sugar, legumes, and grains, then gradually add them back into your diet. It explains why certain foods cause inflammation and attribute to other ailments. Also, on their website are helpful tools such as shopping lists, meal planning, and other tips. I should emphasize this is not a diet, but a reset button for your system. Exactly what I need. The book notes the benefits may be weight loss but it shouldn't be the main goal or you miss the opportunity to really learn about what foods work with your body. I'm excited about it because I'm tired of looking healthy, but not feeling healthy. Will there be challenges and temptations? Definitely. For me, planning is key, and I've done a TON of recipe research to get inspired. I know I will need to think creatively when it comes to certain foods, and I'm hoping my palate will welcome new flavor additions.

I suggest, before starting any health related program, to do your own  research. It's easy to feel overwhelmed with all the diets fads and programs out there, but take the time to be fully informed. I did with this book, after reading it I researched some more and decided it was something I was willing to try. So I start today. I'm writing this post to not only stay accountable but to get support as I'm sure I'll need it the next 29 days. I will be posting my meals when I can on our Instragram Fitness_Felines using #Fitfelinewhole30, as well as posting updates here. 

Here's to a whole new me.


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