Thursday, November 01, 2012

Exercise DVD Review: Brooke Burke Tone and Tighten

I think at home exercise videos are great. It's how I started out when I was too intimated to go into a gym. My first tape (yes, VHS) was Cindy Crawford's "Shape Your Body" and before that I would borrow my mom's "Abs of Steel" video by the legendary Tamilee Webb. You chuckle, but they worked. Even though I'm now an avid boot camper I still like to change up my routine every so often, and what better way to do it than in the comfort of your home? I have quite a few but I'd like to review the newest one. First up is a DVD by model/actress Brooke Burke. It's hard to believe looking at the cover she's over forty and has four kids but we tend to give celebrities flack for looking good. Hey, it's still work either way. Trainer or no trainer. My sister recommended it to me and even though I was slightly skeptical I decided to try it. She recently came out with two DVDs and I decided on the tone and tighten.

I customized the workout for the warm up, upper body, core and cool down. I like how most videos allow you to do segments and not just the entire workout. Time is usually of the essence for most. The upper body was challenging but the moves were familiar. You did each set for one minute without rest in between, the 15 or so minutes went by fast. For core, she really worked the abs with planks and other traditional ab exercises. Tough if you're a beginner but nothing too difficult. Overall I found her style non annoying and I liked that she actually did all the exercises unlike some who do a couple of reps then talk into the camera. You can tell it's really part of her own routine. I'm excited to check out the lower body segment and do the workout in it's entirety when I have more time. I say for $9.99 it's worth the purchase. To buy or check out her other video click here.

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