Wednesday, May 30, 2012

GUEST POST: Figuring it Out, Stacy M.

My Journey to my first Figure Competition…

Stacy M.
 I have always been into some type of fitness, whether it be sports, dance, or plain old gym time.  I am a former dance teacher of six years and danced for my entire life.  There were several reasons why I had to give it up and it was very unfortunate I did.  It was the high point of my days and the kids were always what kept me smiling.  I completely gave up my dance career and it showed to be a real downer for me because it was my passion.  Through the next few years I battled illnesses, two pregnancies, divorce, being laid off, and the list goes on.  During the time I was unemployed I kept my spirits up with TurboKick to keep in shape and I enjoyed it and I was happy, but only for the hour I was at the gym. I just could not find the happiness in me.  Juggling my kiddos, new job, and outside events was a challenge to say the least.  I would roll from one day to the next, not working out, not eating well, and was always a ball of stress.  I then went through another turbulent year, a long relationship, and once again kept getting sick from stress.  It was time for a change.

One day, about a month after I was on my own again, happy with being a single mom and single life in general, I knew there was still something missing.  On my lunch break I walked into LA Boxing in Parker.  I took a free class that night and then had a free personal training session I set up.  My trainer, from day one, was talking to me about competing in a figure competition.  I kept saying no, I was too old, a mom, too busy, could never get in the kind of shape, and the list of excuses went on.  Right before the holidays, I was still training with him once per week and he had me sold on competing.  My journey began on January 1st of 2012.  The gym, weight training, and nutrition became my life.  I was putting myself and my health first and it absolutely felt great from the start.  I was noticing immediate results with the weight training and the nutrition plan my coach had put together was also making a difference.  Over the three month period I had my good days and bad, but overall it was the ultimate experience.  My attitude changed, and I wasn’t sick from stress anymore.  I was one happy mama!  Around the same time I started to get involved with Fitness in the City.  What and incredible support group!  It was a new group of friends and hardcore workout buddies.  I added the total body boot camps into my workout plan one to two times per week.  I feel I have made friends and supporters for life with the group.  I always like a challenge and boy did I find it while prepping for my competition.

Fast forward four weeks out from my competition.  Wow, I had made some serious progress!  Loved my trainer, top five here I come!  Well, I faced major hurdles over that next week.  My trainer became no longer employed with LA Boxing, I was in a car wreck, and dealing with other outside issues.  I was on the edge of giving up, but fought through.  Kept my coach, was set up with a new trainer, car was fixed, and everything else I could handle.  I pushed through until the end, keeping my butt in the gym five times per week with two cardio sessions per day seven days per week!  The last week of prep was INSANE, hard, mind blowing, and I sure was cranky….just ask my kiddos!
Stacy M at her first competition in Boulder.
Stepping onto the stage on April 14th was an experience I will never forget.  My first thought was holy $&%^, I cannot believe I am out here doing this, I haven’t been on a stage since I was 21.  Huge smile on my face, crowd was cheering away and I hit all my poses the best I could.  It was the best feeling in the world.  I accomplished something, for myself, and looked great and felt great doing it.  I can finally say I did something for me which has drastically improved my lifestyle and given me the opportunity for new friends, new journeys, and new goals.  I stepped off the stage in pure exhaustion but so happy.  I placed 8th overall, and had amazing feedback from people in the audience.  I took the next week off to let my body recover, which was much needed.

Today, I am back in the game hardcore and prepping for my next competition on August 18th.  I am lifting six times per week and implementing cardio in conjunction with Fitness in the City boot camps.  I have joined a new gym, have a new group to train with, and new goals to reach.  I am still seeing results weekly and excited to reach a new goal and high hopes of placing better this time around.  This journey has been one of a kind and I am so excited it is continuing.  I would not have been able to do it without the dedication and motivation within me, nor the people who have been following my journey via Facebook and continually commenting and giving me even more inspiration.  I cannot express the feeling it gives me hearing from friends old and new, being able to help and motivate people, all while keeping myself in the best shape of my life.  Get in the gym, eat clean, do it for you.  The pain, the hard times, the fun times, the results make it all worth it.  Overall be patient, have fun, but again do it for YOU!  If you aren’t happy with you first, how can you be happy with others….your family, friends, and anyone else who comes into your life?  It’s contagious, be confident and hold your head high….it can be done.  I am living proof. 

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