Thursday, September 22, 2011

Easy Doesn't Do It

Fitness fads and diet crazes have been around for ages and each year a new one pops up giving false hope to those looking for a magic solution. If everyone would just look down at their own two feet they'd find the answer they're looking for, you just have to get moving. The problem is people don't want to work for it because it is work. It takes compromise, sacrifice and will. Last time I checked there wasn't a pill for that. 

Recently, I've been hard on myself. Frustrated I'm not as far as I "should" be and burned out on the same routines. After talking with my sister I took a step back and realized how far I've come. I'm down thirty pounds, healthier than I've been in some time, and feel great. I suppose I let the challenge of dropping those infamous last ten pounds get the best me. This is when those late night infomercials seem more appealing, the cleanses and other quick fixes begin to sound worth trying. But I know if I want this to be a lifestyle I have to continue to push through those temptations as their effects are temporary, while my determination is not. Sometimes you have to stop and give yourself a pat on the back for what you've done to remind yourself you are capable of accomplishing so much more, it's just not always going to be easy. 

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