Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Work It

I'm a lover of fashion, a clotheshorse who likes to look her best in any situation, even exercising. But when I joined the gym after a long hiatus, I started out like most hiding under large clothes, which ironically only made me look bigger. Once I figured out I didn't have to drown myself in cotton, I felt better about working out. Forget over sized tees and sweatpants nowadays you can find cute gear without looking frumpy.  No matter your current body type there are plenty of tanks, tees and pants to flatter your shape. When you look good, you feel good, and confidence shouldn't be left at home while you're at the gym.

To give you an example I headed to the site Polyvore to create a set of workout essentials. I actually have the pants, tennis shoes and hat, all are great! The set gives you an idea of how to pull a look together without grabbing your old college sweatpants, or gasp, your even older high school t-shirt. Since I'm also a girl on a budget, I like to find brand names at T.J. Maxx or head to Nike and Under Armour outlet stores to score some great deals. To check out the items in the set click here.


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