Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Move Your A**

When I started my health journey nine months ago motivation wasn't an issue. I didn't think twice about waking up early to head to the gym or delay an errand to sneak in a run. Then slowly I found it easier to give in to excuses. At first I thought it was because I believed I deserved a break. I'd worked so hard to achieve my goals and have really made an effort for it to be a lifestyle I didn't think I should be too hard on myself for missing a couple of workouts. But then I realized that was a bunch of garbage.

I know the difference between when my body is tired and needs rest and when I'm just being lazy, it was most definitely the latter. The problem was it became harder to be challenged and therefore left me bored. My body was used to the workouts which were once difficult and the monotony had taken the wind out of my sails. I refused to let boredom be a reason for my plateau so I decided to try the boot camp classes at my gym. The extra push helped but it is only offered twice a week and I still had an itch for something more.

Luckily, Colorado is filled with groups searching for the same and I stumbled upon a free event at Red Rocks. It's an hour long intense boot camp at the famous amphitheater. Finding these challenges keeps me on track and thankfully I have a good friend to join me. The next two weekends are filled with fun fitness events reminding me not only to keep moving but changing the scenery every now and then is good for the sole.


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