Wednesday, October 14, 2015

In Gratitude

Writing for Fitness Felines has been a great journey for us. We have enjoyed numerous opportunities, and it allowed us to extend our reach in our goal of supporting people to succeed in their fitness goals. However, the time has come for us to explore our individual avenues, and we will no longer be writing the blog together. It is bittersweet, as we've made lasting friendships and connected with amazing people. We hope in the past few years, we have inspired, motivated, and moved you. It has been our pleasure to share with you our personal stories, and we thank you for allowing us to share yours. Our hearts were filled many times by your words of kindness, encouragement, and support. We do have some good news: Both of us will still be writing! Follow Andrea on, and Rebecca at We are excited to begin our new journeys, and hope you join us for more adventures.

In gratitude,
Andrea & Rebecca

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