Friday, May 01, 2015

9Health Fair Yoga Open

Last weekend we checked out the 9Health Fair Yoga Open. In addition to the usual health screenings, a variety of free yoga classes were offered by a local studios. We decided to check out QiFlow, a class which combines yoga, dance, vinyasa, and even martial arts. The class was 30 minutes, and we were given a brief introduction of what we could expect should we decide to visit for a full version. The instructor, Dawnelle Arthur, did a great job of guiding us through it given the loud music from another vendor and it being hard to hear with the acoustics of the open space. We liked how she focused on resetting the spine and the stretches she did were unlike a traditional yoga class. Afterward we felt lengthened, energized, and intrigued to try a class at her studio. For more information about QiFlow, click here.

Wrapped around the open spaces for yoga were numerous tables filled with various health organizations offering important and insightful information.We stopped by to talk to a few. Check out their links, and more, below.

Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance
They had great information, such as frequent signs and symptoms of Ovarian Cancer, and explained how we can be proactive. Ovarian Cancer is the 5th overall cancer death in women. To learn more, click on the link above.

Colorado Crisis Services
This is Colorado's first statewide resource for mental health, substance use, or emotional crisis help, information and referrals. The call center is available 24/7/365 and will connect you with a mental health professional. There are also several walk-in centers all over the state. Click the link to find out more about the important work they are doing.

Two Moms in the Raw
We were introduced to these raw, on-the-go products created by Colorado moms. They were delicious and pack a nutritious punch. To learn more about them and where you can buy them near you, click above.

Overall, we had a great time checking out a new class and all of the health information available. We even had a impromptu photo shoot with a well known blue bear. Check out some of the fun....

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