Monday, September 29, 2014

Motivation, Where Art Thou?

There are many of us full of good intentions to get to the gym, rec center or trail, but we never make it. Our reasons are likely similar and laden with “but”, “because”, or maybe even a blatant “can’t.” I’ve got 99 problems and motivation is one. I know my running shoes would work better on my feet but somehow they stay in the closet. Mind you, I’ll get up at 6am for a strength workout, but if I have to wake up early to run the snooze button wins… every…single…time.  I’m dumbfounded, as I once found my runs therapeutic and now they feel like a chore. Perhaps it’s because I’m not really training for a race. With three half marathons under my belt, and possibly a full (possibly) next year, my legs have no reason to wake before the sun.  Even with a half marathon relay on the horizon I have no desire to lace up. None, nada, zip, zero. I’d rather watch political ads on repeat than do any kind of cardio. Well, let’s not be dramatic. Then what’s my problem, you ask? To be honest, I don’t know exactly, which bothers me. All I know is the fire in my belly has gone, and took any muscle I had with it. Of course the first thing one does when this happens is complain and then point a finger at anything other than themselves.  The weather has been getting blamed for years, as it’s the easiest target. Right behind it is time, never enough. I’m blaming it on Oprah. Someone has to be at fault! Okay, okay, so it’s me. Sigh.

What do I do first? Make a playlist of course! Music has always driven me, some call it a crutch and I call those people buzz kills. I’m all about that bass, no treble.  A good beat can push me an extra mile, thanks Timberlake, however, my jock jams are not cutting it like in the past. Lift your jaw off the floor, I know, it’s shocking. No boy band or girl group is doing the trick, no matter how catchy. Now I’m concerned. With a furrowed brow I close my eyes to contemplate, but take a nap instead. I wake up to furrow it some more in hopes it produces a solution. All it does is leave me with a wrinkle I still can’t get rid of, double sigh.
Sometimes, you just need a kick in the ass to get moving.

Now I’m back at square one, and God only knows I hate being a square. My go-to methods have failed me and what’s worse is I’m kind of starting not to care. For someone who writes on a fitness blog to inspire and motivate I am now the walking definition of irony… almost. I haven’t completely lost my drive. It’s there hidden underneath the cobwebs of boredom and complacence. I still believe in a healthy lifestyle, it’s not like I’m eating Wendy’s every day, though I never pass up a frosty.  I have to find the “why” again, and I think somehow, unconsciously, I let it go thinking I didn’t need it any more. But I do. It’s what will get me out of bed or on the road. I’m still figuring it out but while I do I hope this encourages you to find your reason, to embrace it, hug it, and thank it. Then curse it later, while you’re sweating up a storm, then love it again. It’ll change as we age, or as circumstances challenge us, and that’s okay. Unlike Oprah I may not have my own Chai, or all the answers, but I guess that’s the fun part.

Happy Sole Searching,

 Inspire. Motivate.Move.

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