Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Guest Post: Figuring It Out, Timora Page

I had been working out inconsistently for years, but for the last two years, I had introduced weights and started to take my fitness training more seriously. Even after adding weight training, though, I still was not bikini ready the past couple of summers. Yes, I looked great, felt better, and enjoyed the strides I made, but I really wanted to take it to the next level. After attending a figure competition to support a friend, I walked away thinking I would never do it, as I was turned off by the bikini part of the contest. Once I got home, however, I couldn't get it out of my mind how great those women looked. I started to research the figure part of competition and the requirements. I felt their physiques were just enough for me and surely I could work toward that goal.

While on Facebook, I saw a post for a competition workshop. I signed up to receive information and decided it would the best way for me to get into the best shape of my life. My next step was to find a trainer. I interviewed three and ultimately chose the one who was highly recommended. But after a few weeks of training, I just didn't feel it was the right fit for me and went to the next trainer on the list. The training was brutal at times, but my trainer never let me give up or accepted anything less than my best throughout the entire training prep. We spent a lot of time discussing various exercises and techniques, as most of it was new to me; he kept me informed and educated on every aspect. Even after all we put my body through, I still looked forward to every training session.

Timora Page
Up until competition, I believed that I could workout hard and still eat whatever I wanted. Not so. It’s true what they say nutrition is 80% and training 20%. After continually failing to eat clean, I was referred to a nutrition coach to create meal plans for my competition. She asked about my favorite foods, eating habits, and took measurements. I had my meal plan within days and was so excited to have this service, as it was essential to reach my goal! I started out pretty good but after a few weeks, starting craving sugar and had a weekend binge. I did this a couple more times throughout my prep, but after the last time, I was sick of sabotaging my own progress. After spending some time getting to the root of my sugar binges, I was able to move forward not beating myself up, which made it easier to resist when the urges would come up. I would tell myself I don’t need to resort to cookies, cakes, and pies because of a bad day or high emotions. I was finally able to control it for the sake of my goal.

The day of the competition was so crazy! I enjoyed every bit of getting glam for the stage. After makeup, tan, and hair I was ready to hit the stage. I have never been so nervous in my life! I started to shake, and my knees buckled as the participant before me took the stage. But once my name was called and I took the first step, it was on and popping after that! The lights shined bright while I sashayed, but I forgot to flex. I didn't expect anything from the show except to get in the best shape of my life, but I took home 4th place in my first show!

After a couple of weeks of eating all the things I could not have and drinking water, I started to fill back and
I no longer had the flat stomach. I realized depletion of water and carbs is what makes the muscles really pop out those last few weeks. I was disappointed and upset that I thought one show would do the trick. I realized I would have to continually work on my eating habits and training. My goal is to find the right plan allowing room for cheat meals but still have a fit body. I would love to do another show but not until I have the right plan without depletion. I know it can be done and will find a way. 

Overall it was a great learning experience and it was truly amazing to watch my body transform before my eyes. Presently I am toying around with a few different meal plans for daily intake, not just a twelve week period. I continue to train and develop my body as it will take more than twelve weeks to get into and stay in the best shape of my life.

-Timora Page

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