Friday, October 18, 2013

TOUR de FIT! Stop #3: Bonza Bodies


Who: Bonza Bodies

What: Small Group Workouts (max 12), Yoga, Personal Training, Massage
Where: 1800 Glenarm Pl, Denver 80203
When: Weekdays.  See website for complete schedule.
Why: Owner Jamie Atlas believes in building bodies that feel good, look amazing, and move even better
Intensity Level: Work at your own pace, but don't expect to be lazy!  All levels of fitness can benefit from the workouts, which can be tailored to the specific areas you are focused on.  BEGINNERS WELCOME!
Other info: Website here. Phone: (720) 257-9328

After all the delays of the summer, we are happy to be back on track with the Tour de Fit!  Welcome to Bonza Bodies!  

Jamie Atlas, harking from way down under, used to be a professional basketball player.  He quickly realized that as a career, it had a short life-span.  He wanted to train elite athletes, but he soon found he received more satisfaction by helping people who really needed it.  Most improved person, not most valuable person.  He's been a personal trainer since 1991 and hasn't looked back.

Bonza is Australian for, as Atlas describes it, "between 'yee-haw' and 'awesome'".  People walking through the door can expect to be greeted with kindness and enthusiasm.  These trainers truly care about their clients, wanting to understand why they are there, getting to know them and their goals so they can help them achieve them.

When asked what the best part of his job is, Atlas says it's the people he sees every day working hard for themselves.  "Celebrating that they believe they can make a change.  It's the random email out of the blue letting me know I have the best job in the world."

Andrea: My first experience with trainer Jamie Atlas dates back to 2011 when he taught part of the boot camp at Fitness on the Rocks. It was nice to see him again as I was already familiar with his training style, plus his accent and witticism are always welcome. Bonza is an intimate studio but the décor makes it an adults playground with equipment itching to be used. After a warm up, it was play time and the workout consisted of numerous circuits. All fitness levels were in the group but each were challenged.  For instance, I was sometimes given a heavier weight or different movement to keep me on my toes.  Jamie makes a point to make each member feel as if they are the only one in the room. You get his attention throughout the class: he knows your goals, what injury or muscle you’re having a problem with and he makes sure you’re making progress. His attentiveness is refreshing compared to those large corporate gyms. What you can expect is sincerity and a genuine interest in your goals.

Rebecca: I was lucky enough to be able to attend two different Bonza classes.  The most recent was newly added to the repertoire, aptly named "Blaze".  Blaze is set up so you "choose your own adventure", as Jamie described it.  There are seven exercises on the board and based on what kind of workout you're looking for, you get to choose which four to do during the circuits.  There are also some preset workouts already laid out.  Because of my still-healing knee injury, Jamie had me do the "knee friendly" block.  Then Trainer Monica took over, and it was every person for themselves.  The pace was 60 seconds on, 20 seconds off, going through each of the four exercises four times.  By the end, I was dripping sweat and trembling.  Being only my second workout back, they put me through the ringer, but in the best way possible.  Monica was attentive to everyone in the class, checking in on me and asking about my knee, modifying where I needed it.  This is a gym that wants you to be your best.

Inspire. Motivate. Move.

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