Thursday, September 05, 2013

The Running Diary: If The Shoe Fits

I've never been fitted for running shoes as I didn't think my circuit workouts required it, not to mention I'm cheap. However, now that I'm running distance I thought it might behoove me to head to my local Runners Roost and make the investment. First, they had me walk barefoot back and forth to evaluate my gait and arch. Next, I was put on the treadmill at a moderate pace and they recorded my run. I discovered I'm a neutral runner, which means I don't over or under pronate. I was told it was a good thing. Finally the fun part, I was given a variety of shoes to try on.  I've never been so excited to try on a shoe which didn't have a high heel. NEWS FLASH: In running shoes you should go up at least half a size. You want a thumbnail length between your toe and the shoe.I did not know this and felt bad for my feet. Pretty sure my previous shoes had been a bit small. Also, you might get overwhelmed by your choices but remember not to get caught up on aesthetics. Running shoes may not be the prettiest but most brands have come a long way and you can find some in fun bright colors. And who doesn't like a nice looking shoe?

I originally bought the Mizuno Wave Rider 16. A great shoe but it ended up not being the right one for me. It was lightweight, which I loved, but not enough padding in the toe. I switched it out for the Brooks Ghost 6 and it has been amazing! Probably one of the best running shoes for neutral runners but everyone is different. I highly recommend getting fitted since a great shoe can make a world of difference. Run Happy!

Inspire. Motivate. Move.


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