Monday, January 16, 2012

GUEST POST: Mama Said Knock You Out, Cheryl N.

Cheryl N.
Whenever I tell people I'm an amateur boxer, the first thing they always ask is, "How the heck did you ever get into the sport of boxing?" I love getting this question because it gives me a chance to showcase the very sport that has truly become a passion in my life.

I have always enjoyed fitness and sports. I've been lucky enough to have pursued various kinds of exercises such as running, boot camps, spin classes, weightlifting, softball, the list could go on for days. All of these activities have not only helped me stay fit but have also been a huge source of social networking. 

One day a friend and I went to a kickboxing class. I loved punching and kicking the heavy bag and began taking kickboxing a few times a week. During a class one of the boxing instructors asked me if I'd like to try hitting mitts with him, I agreed and did personal training sessions inside the ring. I was excited to continue learning about the sport of boxing and after a month of training with him he put me in the ring with another female fighter, and had me spar for the first time.

Well, the first thing she did was hit me square in the face! After that I learned quickly to NOT get hit in the face. Once my first spar session was over I went to my car and had a good private cry. I reflected on the spar session and made the choice to get better at my sport and work harder at perfecting the art of sparring. I continued to work with my boxing coach and sparred on a regular basis. Eventually, I was asked to be on a fight team. I began fighting for the USA Boxing Association and have been boxing as an amateur female boxer for about five years now. I will be turning 42-years-old next month, and I have to say because of my training in the sport of boxing, I am in the best overall shape of my life! I would encourage anyone who is interested in this sport to give it a try. There are many levels of training for boxing and you don't have to get in the ring or spar if it isn't for you. Mitt work, heavy bag work, and the boxing workout in general, will tone every part of your body. I started boxing in my 30's so don't let age make the decision for you. Give it a try, who knows, you may just fall in love with the sport of BOXING!

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