Monday, November 28, 2011

Make Yourself...

Last year Nike began the "Make Yourself" campaign and for fall 2011 they promoted with the help of professional female athletes. Their message is to encourage women to "achieve their goals and become the best "versions" of themselves." This struck a chord with me immediately. Not because of who they were using to promote it but because the message is a good one. YOU have the ability to change, to become who you want to be. But for most I have found it takes a breaking point. A moment when excuses no longer appease and the focus changes from the disappointment of where you are to the excitement of where you are headed.

Mine happened when I became fed up feeling lethargic, unhealthy, and unsatisfied knowing I was more than capable of changing what I didn't like. Even though I knew the basics, eating right and exercising are good for you, I had to reach my limit until I moved into action. The journey is continuous and I think that's a concept people find hard to accept. It's not a diet, not easy, and it really is a lifestyle.

Fans of  "The Biggest Loser" will agree, the human body is capable of major transformation.  I'm amazed at how much it can change. We have the ability to transform it and become healthier. The real perk of a smaller waistline isn't the size of your jeans but the longevity of your life. It doesn't take a miracle, it takes determination.  The best part is you don't have to wait for New Year's day to make a resolution. You can begin any time.

What do you want to make yourself become? When the time is right for you, when you begin the journey of fitness, finish the following statement....

 I'm making myself                       .

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